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*Aquinas, St Thomas (c. 1225-1274)
*Ariosto, Ludovico (1474-1533)
*Asser, Bishop of Sherborne
*Augustine of Hippo, St (354-430)
*Authors, Lives of>>
*Boccaccio, Giovanni (1313-1375)
*Cassiodorus (c. 487-c. 583)
*Chaucer, Geoffrey (1340-1400)
*Dante Alighieri (1265-1321)
*Dunbar, William (c. 1460-1520)
*Froissart, Jean (c. 1330-1400)
*Gower, John (1330-1408)
*Grosseteste, Robert (c. 1170-1253)
*Henryson, Robert (c. 1430-1506)
*Jerome, St (c. 340-420)
*John of Damascus, St (c. 676 - 749)
*Langland, William (c. 1330-1400)
*Leone, Michael de
*Literary Works by Title>>
*Literary Works by Type>>
*Lydgate, John (c. 1370-c. 1450)
*Malory, Thomas (1405-1471)
*Marie de France (d. c. 1190)
*Martorell, Johanot
*Pearl Poet
*Rabanus Maurus
*Saxo Grammaticus
*Sturlson, Snorri (1179-1241)
*Torquato Tasso (1544-1595)
*Troyes, Chretien de
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