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* Bamburgh Research Project
"The Bamburgh Research Project is an archaeological project, which was set up in 1996 to investigate the archaeology and history of the Bamburgh area." History of the Bamburgh area, including Bamburgh castle and information about how to join the digs.

URL: http://www.bamburghresearchproject.co.uk/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 10 March 2011
Total Clicks: 10,477         Last Click: 25 April 2018
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* Berkeley Castle
"Completed in 1153 by Lord Maurice de Berkeley at the command of King Henry II, view our timeline and the history surrounding twenty-five generations of Berkeleys." This site also has information about events at the castle during the year and about renting the castle for weddings, etc.

URL: http://www.berkeley-castle.com/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 26 September 2013
Total Clicks: 4,264         Last Click: 24 April 2018
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* Castell Henllys
"Castell Henllys is a small inland Iron Age (600-100 BC) promontory fort and adjacent native farmstead occupied in the late Iron Age and throughout the Roman period (100 BC - AD 400). It has been under excavation since 1981, and almost all of the interior and the entrance of the fort has been examined, together with a significant section of the farmstead. The fort is one of the most extensively excavated ever in Britain. The on-site building reconstructions are unique in Britain and include the longest-standing reconstructed roundhouse and granary. The excavations are run so as to provide practical training, and Castell Henllys is now the longest-running and largest such excavation in Britain."

URL: http://www.york.ac.uk/depts/arch/castellhenllys/web/         Link Verified by NetSERF: 24 November 2006
Total Clicks: 10,272         Last Click: 24 April 2018
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* Castle La Latte: (Brittany, France)
"A medieval castle in Brittany almost in the sea and where the film Vikings was shot." The site provides some nice pictures and a floor plan of the castle.
Dutch / English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Spanish /

URL: http://www.castlelalatte.com/english.htm         Link Verified by NetSERF: 26 September 2013
Total Clicks: 4,277         Last Click: 20 April 2018
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* Devizes Castle
Early 12th century, but there were previous castles on the site since the early 10th century. Not open to public, can only be seen on the Web. Lots of great information and many photos.

URL: http://www.geocities.com/TheTropics/3670/index.html        
Total Clicks: 3,762         Last Click: 24 April 2018
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* Gravensteen, The: (Castle of the Counts of Flanders), Ghent

URL: http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/cas/fnart/arch/gravensteen.html        
Total Clicks: 3,356         Last Click: 25 April 2018
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* Peel Castle: A Virtual Tour [NetSERF Select] [Sound]
A in-depth look at the history of Peel Castle, presented with a great deal of information, stories and images from all over the castle. There is even an audio track.

URL: http://www.isle-of-man.com/heritage/sites/peel-castle/index.htm         Link Verified by NetSERF: 21 November 2006
Total Clicks: 3,746         Last Click: 25 April 2018
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* Schloss Reichenstein [Commerical Site]
Early 11th century. The castle is currently a bed and breakfast. The site contains some good and interesting, esp. about the ghost, information about the castle. Unfortunately, there are only a few picutres.

URL: http://www.caltim.com/reichenstein/        
Total Clicks: 3,799         Last Click: 25 April 2018
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* Steen, The: (Antwerp)

URL: http://www.bc.edu/bc_org/avp/cas/fnart/arch/steen.html        
Total Clicks: 2,994         Last Click: 25 April 2018
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* Termes castle: Aude, France
"Historical account and description of the castel of Termes. This castle was besieged three months in 1210 by Simon de Montfort, earl of Leicester, during the Albigensian crusade. It was after converted into a royal border castle by the king Saint Louis."
English / French / Languedoc /

URL: http://paratge.chez-alice.fr/histoire/castle.htm         Link Verified by NetSERF: 26 September 2013
Total Clicks: 3,384         Last Click: 26 April 2018
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* Torrione Castle [NetSERF Select]
Mid to late 12th century. "A private fortress surviving from the Middle Ages, head-office of the Vialardi di Sandigliano Foundation and its Center for Humanities." An excellent site! Contains a great deal of historical information, images and the Vialardi Di Sandigliano Lineage Library.

URL: http://www.vialardi.org/        
Total Clicks: 5,381         Last Click: 21 April 2018
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