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  Home: About: Dr. Andrea R. Harbin's (editor) Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Andrea R. Harbin



  • The Catholic University of America, Ph.D. in English. Concentration in Medieval Literature, 2006
  • California State University, Sacramento, M.A. English Language and Literature, 1994
  • University of California, Davis, B.A. English Language and Literature, 1987

Academic Grants and Honors

§  Tenure-Track Excellence in Teaching Award 2013

§  Faculty Research Program Grant, 2013

§  National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Grant: Digital High Performance Computing Collaboratory.  University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana, June 2012, and University of South Carolina, Columbia, August 2012

§  National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Institute Grant: The Cathedral and Culture: Medieval York.  York, England. June-July 2007

§  Honorary Visiting Fellow, The University of York.  June-July 2007

  • The Roy Deferrari Scholarship. The Catholic University of America. Fall 1994 - Spring 1997
  • Member of the Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society. 1994

Grants Submitted

  • "The Augmented Palimpsest: Engaging Students through AR Encounters with the Past." Tamara O?Callaghan and Andrea Harbin.  Submitted September 2013 to the National Endowment for the Arts Digital Humanities Startup-Grant, Level II ($60,000).


  • "Hyperprint Texts and the Teaching of Medieval Literature" Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Teaching. Andrea Harbin and Tamara O?Callaghan (Forthcoming Fall 2014)

§  "Wiki?d (inter)discipline:The Use of Wikis in the Medieval Literature Classroom" The Once and Future Classroom (Forthcoming Spring 2014)

  • "York?s Political Playing Space" accepted for inclusion in  the volume Gladly wold he tech and Gladly Lerne: A Festschrift in Honor of Stephen K. Wright. Ed. Zina Peterson. Editor in contract discussions with Catholic University Press
  •  "Podcasting and Pedagogy" The Once and Future Classroom VIII(2) (2010)
  • "The Citizens of York and the Archetypal Christian Journey: Pilgrimage and Ritual in the York Cycle." Medieval Perspectives XIV (1999): 84-98
  • "Review of Sacred Players"  Medieval and Renaissance Drama in England. 22 (2009): 267-70. Solicited book review

Work in Progress

§  "The Virtual Palimpsest" a hyper print edition of some of Chaucer?s works.  In collaboration with Dr. Tamara O?Callaghan, University of Northern Kentucky

§   "Virgin?s End: The Suppression of the York Marian Plays" revised and resubmitted to Medieval Feminist Forum


Conference Papers and Performances

§  "The Augmented Palimpsest: From Chaucer to ChaucAR" to be presented with Tamara O?Callaghan at the New Chaucer Society conference, Reykjavik, Iceland, July 2014

§  "Virtual(ly) Gower: The Confessio Amantis as Hyperprint" to be presented with Tamara O?Callaghan at the Third International Congress of the John Gower Society, Rochester, NY, June 2014

§  "Imagining the Flood: Using Iconography to Teach Medieval Drama" to be presented at the 49th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2014

§  "Text-nology Idea Jam: Doing New and Old Things with Old and New Books" session speaker/facilitator with Tamara O?Callaghan. Presented at the Modern Language Association Conference, Chicago, January 2014

§  "The Virtual Palimpsest: Teaching Students to Read Middle English" presented with Tamara O?Callaghan at the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2013

§  "The Virtual Palimpsest, Hypertext, E-texts and How They Contribute to Student Understanding of the History of the Book" presented with Tamara O?Callaghan at the Northeastern Modern Language Association convention, Boston, MA, March 2013

§  "The Virtual Palimpsest" presented with Tamara O?Callaghan at the Digital High Performance Computing Collaboratory Conference (virtual), September 2012

§  "The York Flood Play" performed in Middle English with my graduate and undergraduate students at the South Eastern Medieval Studies Associaion Conference, Decatur, GA, October 2011

§  "Wiki?d (Inter)discipline" presented as member of a round table discussion at the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2011

§  "Podcasting and Pedagogy" presented at the Plymouth St. Medieval and Renaissance Forum, Plymouth, NH, April 2011

§  "The Natural Order of Things?  Guilds, Politics, and the importance of Place and Position in the York Cycle." Presented at the South Eastern Medieval Association conference, Roanoke, VA, November 2010

  • "Out of the Greenwood, Into the Swamp: Shrek and the Re-Imagining of Robin Hood" Mid-Atlantic Popular/American Culture Association 21st Annual Conference, October 30th, 2010
  • "East Anglia?s Road to Damascus: The Movement of Good and Evil in The Conversion of St. Paul " Plymouth State Medieval and Renaissance Forum, April 16th, 2010
  • "Catching Robin Hood?s Semiotic Drift" Plymouth State Medieval and Renaissance Forum, April 25th, 2009
  • "Virgin?s End: The Suppression of the Marian Plays" presented at Plymouth State Medieval and Renaissance Forum, Plymouth State University, May 2008
  • "Fruits of the NEH" presented at 43rd International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, May 2008
  • "The Prophete Come to Towne: York's Political Playing Space" presented at the Fifth Fifteenth-Century Conference, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, May 2007
  • "Women Mentoring Women in the Academy" presented at the CCCC conference in San Francisco, March 16-19, 2005
  • Additional Conference papers omitted for the sake of brevity.

Teaching Experience

Assistant Professor of English, State University of New York, Cortland, Fall 2008 to present

Graduate Courses

  • Middle English: Survey of works in Middle English from 1200-1500
  • Old English: An introduction to the language and literature
  • Chaucer: Graduate seminar on Chaucer?s major works
  • Arthurian Literature: Survey of Arthurian literature
  • Medieval Drama: Introduction to medieval drama
  • History of the English Language: Development of the language from Proto-Indo-European to Modern English. (Independent Study)
  • The Bible as Literature: Study of the Bible as a cultural and literary work. (Independent Study).

Undergraduate Courses

  • Arthurian Literature: Survey of Arthurian literature
  • Topics in Medieval Literature: Chaucer
  • Major Figures in British Literature to 1780:  Survey of early British Literature
  • Shakespeare: Study of some of Shakespeare?s plays.
  • Study of English: Study of language acquisition, the History of English, and social and historical influences on the language.
  • Introduction to Drama:  Introduction to the study of drama.

Term Assistant Professor, George Mason University, Fall 2006 to Spring 2008

College Writing Instructor, American University, Fall 2001 to Spring 2006

Teaching Assistant, The Catholic University of America, Fall 1994 to Spring 2001

Adjunct Instructor, American University, Fall 1998 – Spring 1999

Academic Service and Administrative Work

·       Chair of the ENG Curriculum Committee 2013-present

·       Chair of the MA_ENG Graduate Committee 2010-2013

·       Writing Program Director Search Committee Co-Chair 2013-14

·       AEN 2010 Search Committee Co-Chair 2010-11

·       Graduate Coordinator Fall 2010- Spring 2013

·       Department Web Site Administrator 2010 to present

·       Assisted with English Department Program Review

·       Teaching Panel Discussion for New Faculty

·       Advisor for the English Club 2012 to present

·       Advisor for the Shakespeare Club

·       Advisor for Nu Sigma Chi Sorority 2011 to present

Committees served on:

·       Writing Director Search Committee 2013-14

·       18th Century Search Committee 2012-13

·       AEN Search Committee (Co-Chair) 2010-11

·       English Department ENG Undergraduate Program Curriculum Committee

·       English Department MA_ENG Graduate Committee

·       Cultural and Intellectual Climate Committee

·       Marilou B. Wright Scholarship Committee

Professional Societies and Activities

  • Editor of NetSERF: The Internet Connection for Medieval Resources, http://www.netserf.org
  • New Chaucer Society
  • International John Gower Society
  • Modern Language Association
  • Medieval Academy of America
  • Medieval and Renaissance Drama Society
  • Society for Medieval Feminist Scholarship
  • The International Arthurian Society
  • Southeastern Medieval Association



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